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Zhejiang G&P New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang G&P New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd


Zhejiang G&P New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd
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    60-72-96pcs cells


  • Protective Kn95 Mask Ce FDA Certificated

    KN95 masks are in stock now and can be shipped immediately. Currently offering free freight. Delivery to your door in about one week. The current market prices are shown. Packing: Each of our KN95 is in separate plastic bags and ten masks are packed in one box. But since the box package will cause the slow customs clearance and high shipping cost, we will ship the masks in separate plastic bags, and the unfolded boxes will also be shipped in the accordingly quantity. After receiving the masks, you can pack them according to your own needs. (If you need masks ship already in boxes, please contact us to consult the shipping cost.) Function: Filter 0.3 micrometers particulate matter with 99.9% efficiency. 4 Layers: 1. Spunbonded non-woven protective layer 2. Melt-blown static cotton 3. Nano-fiber membrane 4. Spunbonded non-woven supporting layer (Spun-Bonded+Spun-Bonded+Melt-Blown+SpunBonded) Patent No. ZL201811048419.9: Nano-fiber filtration meets the standard of Nano-scale mask protection Standard: GB2 626-2006 KN95.EN149:2001+A1:2009 (KN95 mask must filter non-oil particles with at least 95 percent efficiency. This version of the mask has NOT been tested/approved for hospital use.) Certification: FDA, CE FAQ 1. Is breathing smooth after wearing? Is it sultry? The mask is designed with multiple layers of protection, from dense to dense, which can prevent the inflow of contaminated gas. 2. Can it be protected against dust and haze? The filtering effect is over 95% for dust (powder) dust, haze, PM2.5, pollen and other particulate matter Protection against non-oily particles: haze, industrial dust, sanding dust, odor of paint, droplets caused by people speaking or coughing, etc. 3. How long can the mask be used? The recommended use time is not more than 15 hours. If the mask is not damaged or contaminated, it can be used repeatedly. 4. Can it be cleaned and recycled? This product is a single-use product. Do not wash it repeatedly. Washing will reduce the protective performance. It cannot fully protect respiratory health.


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